For more information about Kink-U at Indiana Pup and Trainer contest, check out the event page on FaceBook

11AM Fire Play - Sir Wolf

Do you have a firebug burning inside you? I do! Growing up, we were all told not to play with fire, and for good reason. Fire can be very dangerous, but this class will teach you how to safely heat things up in the bedroom. This demo will go over different tools and techniques to keep this risky kink fun, but more importantly keep you and your bottom safe.

12PM Fisting for Dummies: Notice How His Mouth Never Moves by Pup Tugger

A thrilling introduction into fisting that will leave you thinking: “Isn’t that too much lube”, “So that’s what’s happening when I do that”, and “Does my face look like that, too?” Be ready to hear OOOhs and Ahhhhs and HRNNNNGGG as Tugger takes to the sling to talk you through how to communicate what you want out of a fisting session and works against his better instincts to tell you EXACTLY what is happening to him. Teaching this entire class from the bottom, we’ll discuss fun things to do with your fingers, the importance of lube, and how deep does this thing go? The only instruction that Tugger has given his top prior to this class is “I want you to make this class really difficult for me”.

1PM Rough Body Play Made Easy - Walt Gingerbear

This class will teach you to use your body on their body to build connection and cause pain and pleasure. Previous experience is not necessary or required. Learn to utilize your best toys; hands, legs, boots and even mouth to engage in a hot meaningful play without need of the toy bag. Some pressure points, punches and stomps to drive the bottom mad. Instructors will allow some demos to be done on them as well as be open to trying things on others. This class is better with a partner present, but not necessary! You will learn some skills for easy pick up play suitable for your living room, bedroom, bar or bath house!

1PM So you want to be a handler - Sir Steele

While most pup play introductions and 101 panels concentrate on the pups themselves, there is a distinct lack of basic information available to those that are interested in pup play from the handler perspective. In this panel, we will discuss the basics of puppy handling to help guide newbies into the community. From both the perspective of a handler and a pup, we will cover things like; what defines a handler, what rolls do they play, relationships between them and pups, safety, and basic guidelines for responsible handling. There will be plenty of time during the panel for open discussion and questions, and audience engagement is highly encouraged.

2PM Bootblack/boot Worship - Pup Roke

Love sitting for bootblack?
love making your Sirs boots shine but want him to feel as good as you do when you do their leather? Wanna add a little spice to your Leathers life? In this class we will go over some simple ways to not only make a pair of boots shine bright but how to have some sexy boot worshiping fun while doing it to spice things up for you. Bring your ideas and imaginations!

2PM Electro Play - Nyx

I will be doing a basic talk about Electric Play and some important things you need to know before you start participating.

I will be answering questions on my items and tools I use as well as demonstrating some neat tricks to use on your vict- I mean on your play partners.