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Indiana Puppy 2019, Pup Leo

Leo Picture 1

Pup Leo is proud and excited to represent the puppy community as Indiana Pup 2019.

Outside of the kink community, Leo was an Instructor Trainer with International Divers Educators Association teaching recreational, police and fire rescue scuba diving.

Originally from Florida, Leo is a co-founder of MCO-PAH and was part of Northeast Kennel club. Leo relocated to Indianapolis in 2018 where he found his chosen leather family. Leo is active in both the puppy and leather community - a part of Crossroads Leather, member Indiana Kinky Society and a pup of Indy-PAH.

If his leg is not hiked on his own fire hydrant, he can be found diapered on the puppy mats at a mosh or tied up in a sling… Give a dog a bone!

Indiana Puppy 2017, Pup Princess

Hi I am Dani, (aka Pup Princess). I started in the swinger/open/poly community at age 20. I found the kink/leather community in 2012 and knew I finally found a home... And in the distance I heard “Woof”! Over the past 5 years of holidays, birthdays, cookouts and late night flogging sessions I am proud to call this community my chosen family. My Daddy/handler Sir Jai and I are avid supporters of both the Indiana Falcons and Indy PAH and was rewarded Indiana Falcons Supporters of the Year 2013. I am proud to have been chosen to be part of Spaz Pack. I am so honored and proud to have been chosen as the firt Indiana Puppy, but more importantly I was able to spread my bark! A.R.F. Acceptance, Respect, Friendship within the pup and LGBTQ communities. Even though I do naughty things, Daddy says I am still a good girl!