About Us

Indiana Pup Contest was established in 2016, where we elected our first puppy as Indiana Pup. Indiana Pup, Pup and Trainer Contest exists to provide a weekend leather / kink / pup community activity, social experience, educational experience, and of course a contest to choose title-year long representatives of Indiana for the pet, pup and trainer community.

The Indiana Pet, Pup & Trainer Contest serves three distinct purposes to the Indiana Leather, Kink, Fetish, pet and trainer community:


Provide a fun and unique social and educational experience to the leather / kink / fetish / pet and trainer community as a whole. Historically, contests such as Indiana Pet, Pup and Trainer Contest have been established to bring the community together. In that spirit this contest exists to allow new connections to be built and to educate the community on resources while providing an outlet to share common interests.


Select representatives of the Indiana pet, pup and trainer community to represent at events, contests and throughout our community during their title year.


Educate contestants and the public about the importance of events, such as the Indiana Pet, Pup and Trainer Contest, in building and supporting a stronger community identity with shared goals and values. This is done through open-to-the-public educational opportunities leading up to the contest, educational opportunities at the event itself and explicitly sharing contest goals and judging criteria during the contest in order to build enthusiasm surrounding the title and its potential for the community.

For more about our history, please look here.