Knot-A-Contest Weekend, 2023 - Sept 15th → September 17th

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Knot-A-Contest Weekend is back!

For our greater community, with love - a weekend of Education, Socialization, Entertainment and Play!

We had so much fun last time, we're doing it again! An action packed weekend full of fun and inspiration, and of course a knaughty time to be had by all! Because we run off of volunteer power, we also offer discounted registration for those that Volunteer - please consider helping "make things happen" before purchasing your full-priced ticket!

During Our Gathering:

  • Our venue has grown - and we're once again growing with it! More space = more activities during the weekend!
  • We will have multiple vendors on site!
  • Certain rules will be relaxed in the basement during the evening portions.
  • A community organizations fair will happen during the day Saturday.
  • We've aspired to deliver 12 (or more?!) classes Saturday - Zoom education can reach far, but can it splatter you on the face?
  • Step-up will be joining us over the weekend to provide free STI screening on-site.

We are again utilizing a rental facility that has many, um, fun amenities for our use as well as some very liberal policies since this is a private event. This facility also allows and you are encouraged to BYOB during the evening portions. There will be NO alcohol sales on site. Due to the nature of the venue, you MUST be registered to be granted entry - please make sure your name on each registration matches your photo ID and that you are over 21 years of age on or before the date of the event, or 18 years of age or older for the daytime education activities.

Come join us and help us celebrate a #HOOSIERGOODTIME!

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Who This Event Is For

Our Community is what makes this one of the best social and play events of the year!

The Indiana Pet, Pup and Trainer Knot-A-Contest Weekend is open to and geared towards all folx in our incredibly diverse kink / leather / pet community, whether you are new, established or simply curious - regardless of sex, gender identity, fetish, kink, age or ability - if you were born "human" we would be honored to welcome you and share our enthusiasm together!

Our event strives to create a safe space for all that attend - you have every right to feel comfortable expressing your most playful aspects while expecting mutual respect of your comfort levels and personal space. Kink shaming, discrimination and non-consensual actions are expressly forbidden.

It would be impossible to foresee every need and proactively provide every accommodation - if there's something we can do to make your experience even better, please reach out and let us know! We have also empowered our on-site staff and leadership to quickly address any issues.

For historical reference, here's the pages from the 2023 Knot-A-Contest weekend.