Auction Items

Saturday evening we'll be auctioning off several items as part of a fundraiser for Indiana Pup And Trainer contest! Here you can preview the items available.

We're doing "progressive" auctions - which is very incorrect terminology - don't look that up! Basically, we take money from the first bidder to the last - so in theory you can win a $100 item for $1 if you're the last to bid, but everyone else before you contributed to the value as well (equal to or less than the last bidder). We'll do a demo on stage before the first auction to make sure the everyone is on the same page.

For Example: We're auctioning off a T-Shirt - first person bids $1, we immediately collect the dollar. Another person can "take" the item from the last bidder by bidding $1 or more. We take money immediately from second bidder. Third person bids same as or more than second bidder, taking it from second bidder. We collect $... until everyone is done bidding and the item has a new home.

Two IMAS BMV Event Passes - $25.00

Two IMAS BMV Event PassesJoin us February 1-2, 2019 for our annual Beat My Valentine Party! (21+ ONLY) - a day of eduction and a night of fun, IMAS has a vendor mart, 9+ classes, social opportunities and of course the dungeon to play in!

Indiana Pup & Trainer T-Shirts - $20.00

Indiana Pup & Trainer T-Shirts

Three Blue Indiana Pup & Trainer T-Shirts, auctioned individually - this is a limited edition print, sizes Medium, Large and X-Large will be up for auction!

Two Tri-State Leather Weekend Passes - $95.00

Two Tri-State Leather Weekend Passes

Held in November (exact date yet to be announced), Tri-State weekend package includes admission to all weekend events, Tri-State memorabilia, Saturday breakfast, cocktail parties and other surprises to be determined.

The primary purpose of Tri-State Leather*Pup*Rubber is to bring together the Leather /Kink, Rubber and Pup communities of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky to promote a positive image of the Leather/BDSM/Fetish lifestyle, specifically in the Tri-State area. It brings together the leather communities in such a way as to exchange ideas, promote events, provide support and education to the leather clubs and groups within and outside the region. Our goals are: 1) To increase awareness about Tri-State Leather and its mission, 2) To educate those within and outside of the Leather/Kink Community about safer, consent based sex practices, 3) To raise monies for local, state and national organizations and or service providers that provide for the needs of the LGBTQ community and its supporters, 4) To generate funds for the Tri-State Contest Weekend

Two IPAHW Weekend Passes - $40.00

Two IPAHW Weekend Passes

Held in Indianapolis, Indiana July 9-12 2020, International Puppy and Handler Weekend is the largest pup and handler contest in the world! Join your fellow pups and handlers at a completely rented out hotel with pool, bar and other ammenities! For full details and schedule, go to

Toolbox Gift Card - $100.00

Toolbox Gift Card

Toolbox is one of our favorite stores, located right on Mass Ave. in downtown Indy, it's the place to shop for your intimate male apparel!

Puppy T-Sirt Collection - $60.00

Puppy T-Sirt Collection

Set of three puppy T-Shirts, YOUR size (will exchange) from our sponsor Pup Gear USA!

Two GLLA Event Passes - $149.00

Two GLLA Event Passes

Great Lakes Leather Alliance weekend happens from September 6-9th right here in Indianapolis, Indiana. The retail price of the registration is $149. Among the numerous contests that weekend, there is also a Pup and Trainer contest!