Vendors are pawsome - they provide a lot of the toys we use in our fun play!

Fetishized Confections

Fetishized Confections Logo

Fetishized Confections is a home based bakery. Our approach to dessert is very different than the average bakery. We specialize in all kinds of sex related baked goods like cookies, candy, cupcakes, butt cakes, boob cakes, and of course, the classic dick cake. We are a DELIVERY ONLY bakery, but that's not the most important thing. The food is what makes us truly unique. We are unapologetically kinky and believe that food should not only be enjoyed-it should be experienced. We promote sexual positivity through food and allow you to embrace your sexuality in the most decadent ways imaginable. You haven’t lived until you’ve had the thrill of tasting baked goods shaped liked genitals. Fetishized Confections has absolutely no filter when it comes to its creations, so in other words, nothing is off limits. So why not let us whip-up whatever your imagination can come up with. Check out Fetishized Confections for your exclusive sexual edibles. Our products can be viewed online.


Mookie's Bindings

Mookie's Bindings Logo

Proudly producing high quality handmade leather products and providing a large variety of special interest items for all unconventional and/or kinky relationships arrangements. Why conform when you can reform?

All of our products are lovingly designed and hand crafted to offer you a uniquely different item you will take pride in owning, wearing, and using. Whether it be our high quality leather goods or any other various kinkery we offer, you are sure to find something to feed your wilder side here at MookiesBindings. We are always accepting custom orders!! Looking for something you don't see? or need a unusual size? just want something custom suited for you? Message us and we will promptly return your message and do our best to provide you with a high quality product your sure to love!! Don't forget to like the shop and follow us on facebook.


Toolbox Men's Supply Company

Toolbox Men's Supply Company Logo

Toolbox is one of our favorite stores, located right on Mass Ave. in downtown Indy, it's the place to shop for your intimate male apparel! Click on the image below to visit their pawsome web site and to find out more info!


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