Visibility Project

Indiana Pet, Pup and Trainer Contest is proud to host a flag display provided by the visibility project this year! Read on to learn about this pawsome initiative!

Founded in 2017 by Scarlett Sin and Cypher, the project began with recognition of the need to display visual representations of the spectrum of gender, sexual and kink identities within Leather and kink spaces by providing flags to numerous local, regional and national events.

The goals of The Visibility Project are to promote practices of inclusion, representation and diversity through active engagement and proactive measures elevating the lived identities and experiences of minority members of our communities.

This quickly took off and the founders began planning for the next phase. In late 2018 work began to formally establish this labor of love, and The Visibility Project is now housed alongside other projects within The FoundNation, a 501c3 non-profit with the goal of expanding the reach and education with the flags and launching a scholarship and grant fund in 2019 to further the goals of visibility, representation and inclusion of minority identified individuals, celebrating those among us and welcoming newcomers to a more inclusive community.

Scarlett Sin or Cypher