Vendors are pawsome - they provide a lot of the toys we use in our fun play!

Vanderkins Leather & Jewelry

Vanderkins Leather & Jewelry Logo

Vanderkins Leather & Jewelry are the makers of unique jewelry, leather goods and more, taking new direction from classic designs, as well as truly unique ideas made real. Everything is handmade with passion, and customized items are always made with care. Ellie's jewelry ranges from vanilla (necklaces, earrings, anklets) to adult (genital jewelry, nipple jewelry), and she is always developing new products. Ellie also has face masks, tote bags (some with rad pinups and zombies), and tarot accessories! We have added whips and sjamboks to our impact leather line, in addition to the HORSECOCK!, and other lead-loaded impact tools.


Too Hot Candles

Too Hot Candles Logo

Candles with a "BITE"!  Candles that harden and cool quickly and won't cause burns or blisters, even if held close to the skin, and are uniform in temperature, irrespective of color and fluorescence.


Toolbox Men's Supply Company

Toolbox Men's Supply Company Logo

Toolbox is one of our favorite stores, located right on Mass Ave. in downtown Indy, it's the place to shop for your intimate male apparel! Click on the image below to visit their pawsome web site and to find out more info!


Pup Gear USA

Pup Gear USA Logo

PupGear USA is a pet project of Brett & Pat from Indianapolis (also BearGear USA) Pat does the Website & IT support and Brett does the Design & Business side. PupGear produces some of the most recognizable pup t-shirts on the market, and is happy to be the vendor of this years Indiana Pup & Trainer shirts!



Neesh Logo

Fort Wayne Indiana's Newest Alternative Fantasy Wear Destination.


To find out how you vend at the Indiana Pet, Pup and Trainer contest, please contact us here!