About Extreme Productions

You must be ticketed to gain entry to the venue. Please register before arriving.

This is a BYOB venue, and food is allowed too. There is a refrigerator with limited room for drinks. Ice, water and plastic cups are provided, and soda products are available for purchase during the weekend.

Changing rooms are available should you wish to get into something more comfortable at the venue.

This will likely be mostly a social event, however, play is certainly encouraged and allowed, as is nudity. It's a completely private event!

Facility Rules

  1. Glass is not permitted except in the kitchen area (use provided solo cups).
  2. Nudity is permitted.
  3. Intentional breaking of the skin is not permitted. This includes needle play.
  4. EP Rentals has the final say about anything that is taking place.
  5. No smoking or vaping allowed in the building.
  6. Do not hang out outside of the gated area or in the street.
  7. No guns permitted on the premises.
  8. EP Rentals reserves the right to ask anyone to leave or ban anyone from returning to the premises.

Nearby Hotels

Some options on lodging are provided here for your convenience - these hotels are not endorced or related to the contest, if you have others to recommend, please Contact Us!